Web & App Desing

Design and development of websites, online stores and applications

Business card design and printing

in Kavesh, We Design All Kinds Of Publications: Bussiness cards, Brochures, Catalogs and more

Electronics and the Internet of Things

Design and development of IoT-related projects, development of Arduino boards, moving and static boards

Kavesh services

At Kavesh, we offer a wide range of services to our customers.

Design and graphics
Logo, Bussiness cards, Brochures, Catalogs and more.
App Development
E-commerce , Resturan, ebook and more
Web Design

Website design, online store
Online software development

Digital Marketing

Production of text and video content, management of virtual communities, SEO services

Order registration and price inquiry

Consulting and implementation of startups

Ideation, design and development of various technology-based projects and iot

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has a direct and effective role in generating startup revenue. Continuous content production, social media presence, internet advertising and strong SEO guarantee the success of startups.

product design and development

MVP product design and development is one of the most important phases of startup implementation. The UX and UI design of the project is specified and the results of the project performance are provided to the marketing team.

Ideation and documentation

Looking to launch online service systems ?! Or are you thinking of inventing an innovative product ?! By documenting and documenting your idea, you will be aware of the implementation time, costs and potential risks.





اپلیکیشن خودت بساز

با توسعه اپلیکیشن اندروید و iOS می‌توانید یک قدم جدی در بازار کسب و کار آنلاین بردارید. 

Smooth and steady board

English, Persian and Arabic
Multicolor and monochrome (green white blue red)
Content control via mobile
One year warranty for repair and service

We are exploring motivated and hard-working people!